Who is Duff “Officer” Manners?

Officer Duff Manners is the beloved Student Resource Officer at Kitty Stone Elementary School. He grew up in Jacksonville and graduated from Jacksonville High School in 1978. Upon completing high school, he attended Jacksonville State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Very soon after graduating from college he became employed with the Jacksonville Police Department where he served for 31 years before eventually retiring and becoming a full-time SRO for the Jacksonville City School system. His position as School Resource Officer began at Jacksonville High School, but later transitioned to Kitty Stone Elementary.

Officer Duff’s daily responsibilities as SRO include controlling traffic during the morning and afternoon, as well as periodically checking the school’s perimeter to ensure that the Kitty Stone campus maintains an optimal level of safety and security. He also adds that when he is not busy patrolling the school, he takes time out to stop and talk with students about various safety topics, of which the biggest concern right now is cyberbullying.

Unfortunately, he deals with cyberbullying quite often.  He notes, “It’s so easy to hide behind a screen.” His suggestion to every parent is for them to watch their child and monitor their child’s social media accounts. 

Another bit of advice that Officer Duff frequently warns is, “Buckle up, be safe, and don’t talk to strangers.” 

The most important thing that he has learned during his role as SRO is that he really has to be on top of things.  He has learned that he must pay attention to everything that is happening, and he must also know how to handle each situation that may arise. 

One fun fact that Officer Duff shares about himself is that he has a photographic memory. He states, “I had no idea that I had a photographic memory until my daughter informed me that I did.” When he was on the police force this ability proved very useful, enabling him to pinpoint people on various images, thus helping to solve cases. 

All in all, Officer Duff says,  “It’s the best job.  It gives a really rewarding feeling.”  

The students, faculty, and staff of Jacksonville City Schools, as well as the Jacksonville community as a whole,  are most grateful for the time, effort and service that Officer Duff Manners brings to the table every single day.

Thank you, Officer Duff, for your commitment, and for continuing to keep our community safe!


Written by Elaine Hudgins

Edited by Keshawanna Allen

Golden Eagle Media

Jacksonville High School