Who is Harold Lipscomb?

Mr. Lipscomb is one of two Agriculture Education teachers at Jacksonville high school. He is also the school’s FFA (Future Farmers of America) advisor. Of the 32 years that he has been teaching, 29 of those years have been spent at JHS. Things have changed over the years, to say the least. For instance, earlier in his career, he would have to use a mimeograph machine in order to make copies of assignments for students. One can assume that he appreciates the technological advancements that have been made over the years. But, some things, over time, do not seem to change. And, even though he has taught a countless number of students for over three decades, one thing remains constant according to him, “No matter which decade the students and I come from, the students all share one similarity, the desire to learn and grow as an individual.”

It has been most rewarding for him to be able to see this growth take place year after year.  Some of his most enjoyable teaching moments have been seeing the facial expressions of his students when they thought an assignment would be too scary in the shop, but it actually turned out to be lots of fun. He says that the students are amazed at the projects they are able to make.  One student did, in fact, make a regulation-size pool table! But, the most amazing thing that he’s seen in the shop is the lifelong friendships the students make while working together.  To add to his joy of teaching, Mr. Lipscomb says that he is even fortunate enough to have taught some of the parents of his current students, as well as some of the teachers at JHS!

All in all, Mr. Lipscomb seems to have a pretty fulfilling career.  What else could he ask for?  What else could make his teaching experience even better than it already is?  This may be hard to believe, but the other aforementioned Agriculture Education teacher at JHS is his best friend of well over thirty years, and their classes are right across the hall from one another!   Lipscomb met Ricky Whaley at Southern Union State Junior College in Wadley, Alabama, where they took many classes together and quickly became friends.  Today they are closer than brothers, and it is very clear that relationships are extremely important to Harold Lipscomb.  It may even be safe to say that his regard for building relationships has not only attributed to his enjoyment of life, but to his success, as well.

When Mr. Lipscomb is not busy making a difference in the lives of young people at the high school, he enjoys hobbies at home that are very similar to what he teaches his students.  He has his very own workshop at home where he creates some impressive pieces, including Adirondack chairs, porch swings, benches, and tables.  He also knows how to make wooden ink pens and Christmas ornaments on his wood lathe.

We appreciate Mr. Harold Lipscomb for all of the many years that he has poured into his students, and for the legacy that he leaves of showing us that creating beautiful masterpieces with one’s hand is remarkable, but building lasting relationships that endure the test of time is the most admirable masterpiece of all!

Written by Joseph Francis

Edited by Keshawanna Allen

Golden Eagle Media

Jacksonville High School