Who is Erin Stephens?

New this year to Jacksonville High School is an amazing 7th-grade math teacher, Erin Stephens. Ms. Stephens does more than just teach math. She is the Junior High Volleyball and Softball coach as well as an assistant coach for our Varsity Softball team. When she was informed about the job at Jacksonville she was eager to apply because she was always told about the amazing reputation we have here at JHS.

Ms. Stephens is also involved in multiple hobbies outside of school. In her free time, she crochets at home and has multiple pieces of her own. She also participates in a sporting clays team. 

She started her early years in DeArmanville, AL. She graduated from Oxford High School where she was 6th in her class out of 197. One of her favorite things to do when she's not at home with her two labs, Jax and Bear, is traveling the world. She’s visited over 18 countries including Australia, India, and Germany.

She believes that the most rewarding part of being a math teacher is when her students achieve that “aha” moment and everything suddenly makes sense. The most challenging part is when she sees more potential in students than they see in themselves. The most important part of teaching is building a relationship with and between her students. She believes the key to 7th grade is being organized and staying on top of their homework. Coming to high school is a big transition, and together Mrs. Stephens knows that they can all make it through the year.

We appreciate Ms. Stephens for taking the time to sit down with us and introduce her to the Jacksonville community. We look forward to seeing how she will impact our academic and athletic departments here at JHS.