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Testing positive: What to do for students

While positive cases of COVID-19 are less common, they do still happen. If your student or someone in your family receives a positive COVID test, refer to the procedures below for what to do next:

1. If a student is absent from school due to COVID, proof of a positive test result should be provided.

2. Any student presenting a Covid positive home administered test result will be coded as an Excused Absence.

3. In order for a Covid positive test result to be coded as a Covid absence and NOT count against the student for exam exemption purposes, it must come from a licensed physician.

4. If someone in the student’s household tests positive (other than the student) and the student is NOT displaying symptoms, the student may come to school.

5. If the student has tested positive they may be out of school for up to five days (depending on symptoms).

- Kitty Stone Elementary parents and guardians should bring documentation to the front office or email the information to office personnel.

- Jacksonville High School parents, guardians or students should bring documentation to the front office.

Get in touch with your school’s front office if you have questions. Let’s have a great year, Golden Eagles!