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A reminder about unexcused absences

Parents, please remember that you have five parent excuses per semester. They can be used in various circumstances, ranging from sickness without a doctor visit to family emergencies.
However, valid excuses must be received by the office within three days of your child returning to school. Excuses will not be accepted after the third day, and the absence will be counted as unexcused.
By Alabama state law, a student is considered truant at five unexcused absences, and further absences may result in court involvement. As part of our courtesy early-warning program, we will try to notify you when your child has two or three unexcused absences, but we encourage keeping up with your child's absences as well.
If your child has seen a doctor, it is recommended that you get a hard copy of the excuse and have that turned in, rather than relying on the doctor's office to fax the form.
If your child is absent from school due to testing positive for COVID or being exposed, you will need to fill out the online quarantine form on their school's website (see the "Quick Links" section on the KSE and JHS home pages). Please fill out the form properly and include the dates your child is out of school.