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2022 Vocabulary Parade

For the first time in three years, parents this morning were able to attend an in-person Vocabulary Parade at Kitty Stone Elementary and see their kids dressed up as personifications of dictionary words ranging from “psychopomp” to “resplendent.”
The annual KSE tradition allows students in all grades to choose a word for National Reading Month (that’s this month, by the way) and take a few weeks to create a costume or outfit exemplifying their vocab word. The results included a mini James Spann for “weatherman,” a couple of cute “gardeners,” and one walking, talking “refreshments” table, among scores of participants.
Some students, like sixth-grader Andrew, veered out into conceptual territory. Andrew was dressed as a bottle of Metamucil fiber, and his word was “regular.”
“I started with the idea and then picked the word,” Andrew said after the parade.
Meanwhile, fifth-grader Rachel managed to make “ailurophile” a lot cuter than it sounds. The word means “a cat lover,” she said, covered in stuffed cats and wearing a sandwich board of kitten pictures. Finding the word was simpler than one might think.
“I love my cats, so I looked up words that mean loving your cats,” Rachel explained.
Thank you to all the parents who attended and the students who created such amazing costumes. We’re already excited for next year!
Student dressed as Metamucil bottle, word is "regular"Student dressed as nurse is "essential," another in bathrobe with tissues is "infectious"Parade of students goes along car rider line, parents watch from sides