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Teacher of the Year awarded

Shundreta Buchanan with KSE principal Rhonda TinkerJHS principal Russ Waits with Elizabeth Green


We’d like to take a moment on the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week to thank and congratulate our two Teachers of the Year, first-grade teacher Shundreta Buchanan and JHS English teacher Elizabeth Green!

Both educators were recognized for their outstanding work during a luncheon held earlier today at Classic on Noble attended by interim superintendent Tim Nabors, director of educational services Erika Clark, Board of Education President Ed Canady and board member Theresia Hall, principals Russ Waits and Rhonda Tinker, and Corey McWhorter and Chuck Robinson, representatives of Regions Bank, which sponsored the lunch. 

Waits said that “the single most important factor in a classroom is a dynamic teacher,” and he and Tinker both said they were thankful for the way Buchanan and Green helped students not only meet their requirements, but go beyond their comfort zones to find out how far they can go. 

Tinker said Buchanan built solid relationships and fostered trust in her students, which allowed them to not only try new things, but discover they could succeed at them. 

“She has the patience of an angel,” Tinker said. 

Waits had good things to say about Green, as well, though he turned to student opinion to drive home the impact she has. 

“‘She always tries to work things out with us, and is willing to see things from different angles,’” Waits read from one of three anonymous letters from students. “‘She always offers us help and has worked so hard to provide us with every resource necessary for success.’”

“You can’t fool the students,” Waits said. “They can see through insincerity and a lack of preparation … so these words are very powerful.”