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Our Mission and Vision
Mission -
To prepare all students for a successful life

Vision -
Jacksonville City Schools will provide an exemplary student-centered learning community where the educational experience is rigorous, relevant, and engaging in a safe and nurturing environment built on mutual respect. Our high standards and high expectations will produce high achievers.

Beliefs -
In order to inspire students for lifelong success, Jacksonville City Schools' students, faculty, and staff believe that:
1) Education is a key component to success in life.
2) Strong community support, involvement, and communication enrich student life and leadership opportunities.
3) All students deserve respect and equal educational opportunities.
4) High standards and high expectations lead to high achievement.
5) All students can reach their highest potential.
6) Respect for diversity will lead to a stronger society.
7) Education is a lifelong journey.
8) All students matter.
9) All students must learn.