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Jacksonville City Schools Request for Parent/Guardian Email Address

over 2 years ago

In a move to improve home-school communication Jacksonville City Schools is asking parents/guardians to provide an email address that can be used to contact you. The benefits to providing an email address are:

  • Communicating with home directly via email is far more reliable and far faster than depending on students to deliver letters home. I am sure we have all found letters that are weeks old at the bottom of a school bag.
  • More frequency of information, keeping parents/guardians better informed.

Please click on the link and provide the information requested. This is a short form and should only take a couple minutes of your time to fill out.

If you have any questions please call Shawn Hudgins at 256-782-5682.

PayPAMS Online Lunch Payment System

over 2 years ago

PayPAMS, the Parent Account Management System will allow you to pay for your child’s meals online from the convenience of your home or office. PayPAMS will ensure that your money goes directly to the students meal account. At PayPams, parents can set up automatic payment plans, view account meal balances and history, receive automatic notifications on balance status and more!

To setup your account, please visit PayPAMS online at

Additional information is available under the Related Files links within this news document.